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Our Personal Trainers design your Health & Weight Loss programs and services that will get you to lose weight, feel great, and get in shape. Get Healthy with one of our weight loss - health & fitness – personal trainers (in person – in or around the Spring Hill, Brooksville, Weeki Wachee, Hernando & Citrus Area – Florida – also in the Brooksville and Weeki Wachee Area). Take Action – Make the most of the Time you have!

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We have exciting news! June 1st we moved to a bigger and better facility! The first one rocked, this one is even better!

We offer 1-on-1 training, group fitness sessions and we have many exciting programs to choose from. Bring a few friends (or family members) to train with for amazing savings and a whole lot of fun!

ALL personal training includes clear and concise eating information, ways to eat a way you will love and can eat for the rest of your life and work out sessions for your body style.

Everyone absolutely loves the new studio. Here are the comments people are saying:

“It’s so clean and new; it feels great to work out here.”

“I love the beautiful pictures of the ocean while I am doing cardio.”

“The location is perfect.”

“Samantha has taught me how I can do workouts at home with equipment or no equipment.”

“The equipment is all brand new and really nice. It’s smooth and easy to use.”

“I love how cozy it feels it here. It’s so private and exclusive unlike so many gyms I have been to.”

“I love the combination of using equipment to using dumbbells, balls and bands. I had no idea you could get such a great workout with these items.”

“Even the bathroom is beautiful; she has gone all out in making this an exquisite place.”

“Samantha has all the equipment you could need for an awesome workout. With the equipment she has, she’s taught me how to workout in any gym I go into. Now I am totally confident of what I am doing in gyms. As a man, I have increased in my muscle size substantially while losing 10″ on my stomach!”

“I love how the bike is right in front of the window so you can see the clouds and trees as you exercise.”

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When you walk through this door you will be amazed at what a great experience you will have.

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Pure Personal Trainer has all the equipment you need to help you reach your goals yet it has such a different atmosphere then most gyms.

You will enjoy looking at the sunset while you shape and sculpt your body.

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You will love staring at the scenes of the ocean and beach while all that fat melts off your body!

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“They have gone all out, even the bathroom is exquisite. This studio is awesome! I love being here.” A Satisfied Client

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Drew is waiting for YOU to take ACTION and meet with him personally at the new studio.

The new location is conveniently located off of Centralia Rd. (County Rd 476) and US 19 in Brooksville / Weeki Wachee. The new studio is central to Spring Hill, Brooksville, Weeki Wachee, Hernando & Citrus areas. The address is 12344 Neeld St., Weeki Wachee.

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Please tell all your friends and family for we will be having some great grand opening specials and a party. Register for our free e-newsletter and you will be notified when this will be.

We also offer fun, massive result filled group exercise classes for couples, kids, seniors, women and men at AMAZING prices.

You WILL get GREAT results when you work with us. The only thing standing between you and your great results is picking up the phone to call us for your consultation or email us at bottom of page. – go to bottom of page

We have all the equipment you need to reach your goals whether its weight loss, muscle toning, muscle strength or muscle growth. The equipment we have is some of the best in the industry which can give you the best and smoothest workout. Whether you have worked out in gyms or never worked out; we can accommodate your needs.

We encourage you to make an appointment for your consultation. We are known to get results like most people have never seen.

A female client of ours just went from a 22 to a 16 in 5 months! She had never stepped foot into a gym before or had a personal trainer. Her husband lost 40 lbs. too!

Another one of our clients just went from a 16 to an 8 in 5 months. She can’t believe how easy it’s actually been. She told me, “I am so glad you came into my life; I feel so great. You’ve taught me a way to eat I love and I feel like I can eat this way the rest of my life to stay healthy.”

Another one of our clients is going on vacation and is so excited to feel more confident in a bathing suit after just losing 21 lbs.! Even her 6 year old son can’t believe how different she looks!

You can do it too…are you ready?

(352) 398-2878

New Schedule for Fitness Training Classes

Our NEW hours of operation are anywhere from

5:00 am to 10:00 pm! Monday-Saturday
1-on-1 or group training are varied times throughout the week.

Experience the benefit of having your own personal trainer! Invest in your health and receive one on one personal attention OR workout with a group of two to seven people.

You’ll experience the awesome help of accountability, a healthy way of eating, a customized workout plan that’s right for you and more.

BUT…you get to split the investment with other people in the group!

Now most people can afford a personal trainer with our new group training classes. You have the option of three different trainers, days and times.

The new location is conveniently located off of Centralia Rd. (County Rd 476) and US 19 in Brooksville / Weeki Wachee. The new studio is central to Spring Hill, Brooksville, Weeki Wachee, Hernando & Citrus areas. The address is 12344 Neeld St., Weeki Wachee.

Drew’s personal training program classes start at various days throughout the month. Contact us for more details.

You can also join in with some of the groups we have already started.

Drew’s Fun Group Fitness Classes or 1-on-1 Personal Training located off of Centralia Rd. (County Rd 476) and US 19 starts at various times based on your needs.

There is training available Monday thru Saturday between the three personal trainers at Pure Personal Trainer in the morning, daytime or evening.

Contact Drew to reserve your spot before its gone!

They fill up quickly!

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Drew Taylor – Health & Fitness Expert, Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Professional Speaker